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Oh Lately It’s Been So Quiet

That’s how it’s been the last few weeks in my work place. So quiet you can, as they say, almost hear a pin drop. Quieter than it has always been in the first place. People are clearing their leaves before the company closes its books. And a number of our peers won’t be coming back at all. Sigh. Tis the season for change. As David Bowie sang, “turn to face the strange…” we’re all bracing ourselves, helping each other, and hoping for the best… Things being as they are right now, can only get better. Watch out, world! We’ll be making noise again.



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Home Sweet Christmas Home

Mike and I went home to Manila from the 16th to the 25th. Nine days seemed long enough, but there were just so many gatherings of all sorts to go to, the most I’ve ever attended in a week. From the time we landed, it’s been non-stop meeting relatives, friends, former officemates, classmates, etc.

16 December. We took the Cebu Pacific red-eye flight and landed in Manila at 4:50am. Our newlywed nephew and niece picked us up from the airport and we went straight to Santuario de San Antonio where we caught the last 30minutes of the first day of Simbang Gabi. Had breakfast at Starbucks and headed home. It was nice to be back in our home in Greenheights, and eat food prepared Mama-style. The house itself was decked for the holidays, thanks to our tireless angels Mercy and Jasmin. The baby doggies are look all so healthy and overly excited on our arrival.

17 December. Took the family out malling, what else. In the evening, we heard mass at our neighborhood church which by the way, is looking better and better. It really warms the heart and lifts the spirits when you hear Filipino songs in church. I actually missed singing Our Father in Tagalog and being in a traditional mass with all the ceremonias.

18 December. We braved the EDSA traffic to go to Makati for Richard’s yearly creative department party. First stop of course, a courtesy call to our beloved Manila office at the Enterprise Center. Met up with the gang in, where else? Starbucks. Hehe. Even squeezed in an hour’s worth of work on our holiday, haha. And in the evening it was booze and an Asian dinner buffet with the Irvines.

19 December. We’d been invited to the LB office party but decided not to go. Number coding strikes back, we’re trapped at home, so it’s Mike scooter buddies from Cainta who paid us a visit. Did the groceries with Mama, for the lunches and dinners ahead. Also discovered that my new MacBook (ahem, Mike’s Christmas gift to me) did not have the usual 56K modem built in. So it’s back to the good ol’ Tangerine iMac for the duration of our stay.

20 December. It’s lunch at the Fort with my two bestest girlfriends Cynch and Tips. A lot of catching up to do. These two friends of mine have been very busy, Tips with her flourishing career as fashion designer, and Cynch, the creative force behind Manila’s favourite wedding mag, W.E. (Wedding Essntials). It was also my first time in that part of The Fort, Serendra and my first taste of Krispy Kreme, Manila version.

21 December. Met up with my high school barkada (the sound of it makes you feel old hehe). There are actually five in our group, but only 3 of us managed to meet on such short notice, especially since Gene is in Vancouver now, and Chris is stuck in her office no thanks to MMDA’s extended number coding in Makati. So anyhoo, it was like the good old days again, chatting with Thess and Cheran, who is not only friend but old neighbor from Arguelles St. After puto bumbong, and a sour-tasting bibingka, we parted ways with Thess and proceeded to our batch Christmas party. It was one that I really looked forward to because of another friend who came home from Cali. Seeing her after almost 20 years is such a great thrill. Maybe it’s that way because most of us girls practically grew up with each other, having gone to the same schoo and being classmates for for as long as 11 years. Too bad only half of the confirmed attendees came but the ones I had wanted to meet and see were all there.

22 December. Rest and bonding day with the doggies. Although we got to sneak out for coffee in the afternoon at our nearest fave hangout Figaro just outside the mall amidst the garden stores in SM City. Much has also changed around this area. “The Block” is now complete, supposedly the high end part of the mass mall. And across it, a big mall that will connect to the MRT is being built.

23 December. It’s Lilit’s birthday! And as 2-in-1 birthday and Christmas gift, we prepared lunch for him in our home. The gang was there to partake of a sinful meal which Mama and I cooked, ably assisted by Mers and Jing. After the bulalo, crabs and shrimp feast, it was time for the usual banter with the regular “it” guy. Nothing seems to have changed among us even with so much time apart.

In the evening, we even managed to visit my cousins who were having a small company party for their employees. Our little nephews and niece were there too. As usual, they clung to Mike like iron fillings to a magnet.

24 December. Christmas Eve. Mama, the girls and I spent the better part of the day preparing for Noche Buena. In the evening we went to church for midnight mass. And at 11 we were all ready for our Christmas family meal with the Moms and my sister in law and her family.

25 December. Mike’s aunties from his father’s side came for lunch. In a few hours, Mike and I were off to NAIA. Sigh. The airport was like a ghost town. The waiting area was empty. It was probably the saddest trip we ever took going back to Singapore. I felt a tear fall as we went down the escalator. Moral of the story, don’t leave home on Christmas Day even if it were the last flight out.


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