One Mike Less

My hubby Mike and I arrived in Singapore in March with just two suitcases of clothes, a laptop, somem.jpg cash, and no idea what this place was all about. We would have felt so lost had it not been for the other Mike — Mike Foster. He had been in the country a year earlier straight from Manila, the only familiar face in the sea of unfamiliar faces. He made sure we survived our first few weeks in foreign soil, took us to lunches, kept our alcohol levels well above normal and even made sure we had cash to tide us over till our first pay check. He’s like an uncle we hadn’t seen in years! More than that, he’s been a good friend who’s always on our side no matter what, literally, the big guy watching our backs. That’s why it feels weird that tomorrow he won’t be here to do that. Today is his official last day in Leo Burnett and in Singapore. At 12 midnight, he flies off to Sydney and a month after, he’ll start in a new office in Shanghai.

We saw him off tonight and can’t help feel lost again. Singapore won’t be the same without him but a great guy like him deserves better.

See you, Mike. Though you said, this is not goodbye, we’ll still miss you terribly. We’re also looking forward to building that scooter shop beside your bike shop, Mike & Mike’s. Can’t wait!


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