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The Story Goes…

After years of endless prodding and encouragement from Cynch and loads of help from Lilit, I finally made my first attempt at writing a short story for kids for a contest. I was glad pseudonyms were required so that if I made a fool of myself, no one but a few trusted friends would know. Hee Hee. Luckily, I did not embarrass myself too much, I actually got a place in the competition. Thank you, Lord! 🙂

This may sound like a “thank you” speech, but please bear with me and I’ll be off: Thanks to Lilit, Mela, Cey, Owie, who were actually the ones who took care of my entry — checking grammar, getting it printed out, notarised and sent out just hours before the deadline. I literally wouldn’t have made it without them!

And thanks for everyone’s messages! Here’s the story. It’s also up there in the tabs, “Junior”. Hope you guys like it.

This one is for Rhuena and Kim. For Irene and Alexis. For every single mom (or dad) who fills a child’s world with love.

And for Mama.



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Anna, London-bound Banana

Sigh. This has to be the leaving-est 30 days of the year for me. I know leaving-est isn’t even a word, please pardon my melancholy-induced unintelligible vocabulary. It’s just really sad to see friends go, 3 to be exact, all in a span of one month. First it was Rommel. Then Mike F. And now it’s Anna. Triple sigh on that.

I heard it said that leaving, whether you are the one going or being left behind, is like a little death. Maybe because the life and routine you’ve known simply come to a full stop. No more laughing at secret jokes, no more crazy coded conversations, no more angst exchanges over lunch and coffee. No more of that reassuring feeling you get when you know that no matter what happens you’ve got that true friend you can run to, even for the most mundane things like an occasional dollar or 2 for coffee. (Yes, she’s our ATM, Anna Testa Moneymachine.)

Anna flew to London Saturday night. I’m actually happy for her. Mike and I know for sure, she’ll do extremely well there like she did here. Still we will miss her terribly. It’s always good to have someone who puts things in the proper perspective when you lose your way and look after you like a big sister. I miss her now. I cried when we said good-bye, I can’t help it. And it didn’t help that in the cab we rode on the way home, the song “That’s What Friends Are For” played like a background music to our sullen mood.


Enough of that. No goodbyes. We’ll see her again! In London. In Toronto. In outer space. Wherever it is, I’m so looking forward to that day!

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