The Story Goes…

After years of endless prodding and encouragement from Cynch and loads of help from Lilit, I finally made my first attempt at writing a short story for kids for a contest. I was glad pseudonyms were required so that if I made a fool of myself, no one but a few trusted friends would know. Hee Hee. Luckily, I did not embarrass myself too much, I actually got a place in the competition. Thank you, Lord! 🙂

This may sound like a “thank you” speech, but please bear with me and I’ll be off: Thanks to Lilit, Mela, Cey, Owie, who were actually the ones who took care of my entry — checking grammar, getting it printed out, notarised and sent out just hours before the deadline. I literally wouldn’t have made it without them!

And thanks for everyone’s messages! Here’s the story. It’s also up there in the tabs, “Junior”. Hope you guys like it.

This one is for Rhuena and Kim. For Irene and Alexis. For every single mom (or dad) who fills a child’s world with love.

And for Mama.



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5 responses to “The Story Goes…

  1. Hello.
    I am from Poland. Nice story. Good for You

  2. I love your theme. It’s really pretty.

  3. Ian

    Hi Sheila! First off, congratulations on winning the Palanca! Every year, because of so many requests from fellow writers and readers, I make a special issue of Literatura Online devoted to the winners of the Palanca Award. (You can find the past Palanca issues at

    As usual, I’m off to doing the same thing for this year’s winners. I’ve already gotten the submissions of some of the winners, and I hope you can also contribute your winning piece. (I already have a copy actually.) I hope to put up the issue before the end of this week.

    Thank you, and congratulations once again! I didn’t get to meet you last Sept. 1 at the Manila Pen, but wasn’t that the craziest Palanca ever?

  4. I wonder where is “search” in your blog

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