Do the Bambi

I logged back in WordPress and got held up reading entries from other bloggers. It seems the Desperate Housewives issue has really caused quite a stir. I had read about it from Lilit Reyes’ blog complete with YouTube clip. People from that part of world would argue, freedom of speech. They after all say anything and everything about their President on national TV. That said, it’s countrymen dissing fellow countrymen. If it’s the French dissing the American, then that’s another story. Months ago, the Iranian people were in uproar over how the movie 300 depicted old Persia. And now this. But it’s heartening to read comments from American bloggers that they are as annoyed as we are with Teri Hatcher’s controversial line. So it’s not surprising that many Filipinos are upset.

“The truth hurts” is a phrase that I would think, is not so true when we are concerned: The truth doesn’t hurt that much. Well, I speak for myself and all the Filipinos I personally know and know well. When we’re accused of something that’s true, we feel embarrassed, but we accept it, and then we can actually laugh and joke about it. But when accused falsely, that’s when we really get hurt, our personal integrity is being questioned. And when you’re from a poor country lacking in material riches, your principles and beliefs, and all the intangibles that make up who you are like dedication, strength of character and a clean conscience, these are the things that keep your head up high.

I think this issue is more than about our national pride getting a beating. It gets personal as almost every Pinoy would have a friend or relative who is in the medical field and an OFW (myself included), and we all know of the sacrifices they have to make for the sake of their families. We also know that they are valued abroad, not only for their hard work but also for their competence and compassionate nature.Apologies have been sent out. Some say it’s not enough. But knowing how we are, we’ll forgive and forget, like how we seemed to have collectively forgotten about the Marcoses.

Anyway, things like these remind me of the animated feature Bambi, where Bambi was being told by Mum (or was it Thumper),”If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.” There you have it. Straight from the mouth of an all- American baby deer.



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