Back in Those Days

Had a chat with a friend the other day, about life and work in general. We’ve both been working for more than a decade in our respective careers and there’s one thing that we noticed. Well, I don’t know if we’re just growing old or it’s just that today’s youth are really quite different now. Back in the old days, we were used to hard work, breaking our backs to get the job done and with no complaints. We weren’t even paid that much! (I for one started with a salary just a little over minimum wage.)

Yep, our generation didn’t have it easy. We were at work on time and went home by the next sunrise. We sweated over every single ad that came out, be it a full campaign or the smallest ear ad or flyer. There was no such thing as a “just get it over and done with” kind of ad, the one that you let go knowing there’s no award waiting at the end of it. Each piece had to come out as decent as possible bearing in mind that no matter what happens to it, your name and your company’s reputation are at stake. There were no short cuts, no instant way to fame. We relished the victories that were so much sweeter, so much more fulfilling because we earned them through hard work and with our integrity intact.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not passing judgment on any young individual trying to find his/her place in the workforce. Maybe, it’s just a matter of changing priorities and the myriad of choices that seem to be more available now. Young workers jump from one job to the next until they find the best one for them. And it might not be the highest paying job, it could be the least painful, the one that with the more flexible schedule, the one with more travel opportunities, or whichever can quickly bring them closer to the fulfillment they seek. Maybe they’re really much wiser and I might just be an old-fashioned fool. Still, I believe unless you’re terribly lucky, you have to pay your dues before you can enjoy any amount of success. Or maybe I’m simply growing old.



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3 responses to “Back in Those Days

  1. Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами 🙂 может хватит про них?

  2. одумайтесь, многотысячная армия Ваших читателей не поймет Вас, не простит!

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