Me, Oh My!

Sheila is… Wife. Writer. Moody cook. Frustrated rockstar. Intermittent bookworm. Avid collector. Dog lover. Introverted Leo. Occasional artist and designer. Borderline obsessive-complusive.

Home is…a yellow house with a red roof in a place called Greenheights in Manila.

Home too, is…a flat by the Singapore River.

By my bed, you will find…a reading lamp, a pile of books, a giant paper clip bookmark, a squeeky pink pig and the Were-rabbit.

It’s crazy but I love…playing Eres Tu on my guitar…cooking a few dishes at the same time, sort of like what a show cook would do…snow…Christmas…musicals…Hugh Jackman…and musicals with Hugh Jackman.

I am becoming obsessed with...home magazines, the tv series Scrubs, backing up files, mp3s, and DVDs of old tv shows I watched as a kid.

A childhood habit I never outgrew…is drinking milk everyday.

I’m a closet…techie and gadget freak.

If I weren’t in my job right now…I’d probably a nun. No kidding. Or a vet.

I will retire…in my own farm, with cats and dogs, cows and chickens, and ducks. And I might become vegetarian.

I am already obsessed with…toys, toys, toys, and books.

For a time, I was obsessed with…dish racks and shoes (still am).

I hate…being late and not making deadlines so I set the clock fifteen minutes ahead of standard time. But ironically, i don’t wear a watch.

The first poster I ever had on my wall…was of Johnny Depp, 21 Jump Street days.

My current addiction is…melon ice cream. And strawberries.

My weakness is…anything chocolate. And beef dishes.

I have a bad habit of…not finishing what I started which I hope to break with this spanking new blog of mine.


5 responses to “Me, Oh My!

  1. Tippi

    Little things I learn about you everyday!… 😉 See you soon… 🙂

  2. Tina Coscolluela

    Sheila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just thinking about you the other day. How have you been? It’s been ages. I hope you remeber me. Do keep in touch.

  3. lyda

    i love your site! just accidentally saw it now….wait, il’ll browse pa 🙂

  4. Mayette Enriquez

    Hi Shiela,

    I got an e-mail from Tippi c/o Multiply…she wrote something about a certain Sheila & I got curious…went to the site & walaah! It’s you! How are you? Didn’t know you love to cook. This is a good site! Say hello to Mike!

    Take care.


  5. Hi girls! thanks for dropping by 🙂 i’m encouraged to refresh this blog knowing you guys will be popping in once in a while… Glad you like this space, it’s another handiwork of ms. cynthia bauzon-arre! Ahh, the perks of having a talented graphic/web designer for a best friend hee hee.

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