My Baby Doggies

Meet my two lovely baby doggies, Sunshine and Summer. They actually havesun1.jpg pages of their own, courtesy of dogster, but of course, they still deserve a place in mommy’s blog.
Sunshine is part golden retriever, part human. Summer is a bullmastiff/American bulldog mix.

There are two other dogs in our family. Leon, a handsome, half-breed border collie who guards our home like it was his own dog house. He is also sort of like an anniversary dog that marks how long Mike and I have worked in our current office, Leo Burnett. He’s in charge of the backyard, barking fiercely when he sees any creature walking by or slithering along the our fence. (Yes dear readers, “slithering” like the snake that decided to make a home between the perimeter sum.jpgfences.)

The oldest of them all is Charlie, who is part mongrel and part driftwood. He is about 77 in dog years, with a brindle coat that is now more white than brown and black. He also happens to be my Mom’s favourite, being the first dog in the family.


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