My Hubby’s Hobby

To say that Hubby Mike loves scooters would be an understatement. So since he doesn’t have a spot on the web just yet, he is bunking right in here with his growing collection.imgp6034.JPG

Mike collects classic Italian scooters called Vespas and Lambrettas. They are supposedly (I know very little of these two wheelers) some of the best models that came out, known by initials like LD, GS, Li, TV and in different series too. There’s also one called Prima, a not so common German-made scooter.

He also has these old German bikes called Moto Guzzi and Zundapp. If you ask me, I’m not a big fan of these, they look so…you know…plain.imgp6007.JPG

imgp5997.JPGOn the other hand, I like the two mopeds — the Mobylette and Quickly. These two he thought I’d be able to ride but I am such a scaredy cat.

So…How did he manage to get his hands on these? I have absolutely no idea. They just appear in our garage, usually surrounded with words like “investment,” “rare,” “gift,” “trade,” and “one or two are registered in your name.” Honestly, I don’t really mind. Hubby Mike has to be a happy camper too.

If you like to see more, go to the source: Mike’s Scooter Collection

imgp6029.JPG imgp5984.JPG


2 responses to “My Hubby’s Hobby

  1. mavic

    Hi mike&sheila,
    there is this new place called Okobono here in bangkok in sukhumvit soi 39 (phrom pong). I saw this miniature cream vespa display selling for Bht2,500.The store only has that one piece. If you are interested, I can ask for the store’s contact addys and pass it on to you. Regards šŸ™‚

  2. Hi mike and sheila,

    I came across your link from Cynthia bauzon’s site. I would like to know how did your husband start with his collection. My brother is very interested in scooters as well aside from his starlet fascination. His sideline job is buying and selling spare parts for scooters and starlets. He doesn’t have a lot of money as his day job provides him enough to sustain his family expenses and the buy and sell projects. Maybe if your husband is willing to share his contacts of suppliers and other scooter enthusiasts with him, it can really help him a lot with his sideline business. You may contact me in my email and then I can send you my brother’s email from there. Just want to help out my bro. Thank you very much! – Reedeth

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